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A Leader in the Garments Industry

Puspamara Sendirian Berhad is a wholy-owned subsidiary of NADICORP Holdings Sdn Bhd; an investment holding company with a stable of 23 operating subsidiaries engaged in various activities.

Nadicorp has grown to become one of the largest private Bumiputra conglomerates today. Nadicorp has 5 main business units : Transportation, Manufacturing, Property & Plantation, Defense and Other support services. The group is involved in several areas of the textiles & apparel industry. Its integrated textile mill produces a variety of fabrics and surgical dressing and is the main supplier of 100% cotton fabric to the Malaysian batik industry. The group is also involved in industrial tailoring, specialising in functional clothing for emergency services and military personnel.

Decades of Experience

With a workforce of 300 employees and supported by 30 in-house trained vendors our production capacity is 1,200,000 pieces per annum.

  • Our Vision – We strive to be the preferred Local Apparels and Custom Garments Solutions Provider through Innovative Technologies of International Standards
  • Our Mission – To be the centre of excellence for apparel solutions and customer requirements with efficient manufacturing skills as a service to our society at large.
  • Our Goals – to develop and support textile industry growth in Malaysia

    • to be smart partners to the government in terms of textile industry development
    • to be a centre of excellence for human resource development
    • to create wellness & a community environment
    • to provide affordable product n services to all Malaysians

Meet Our Team

Being our most valuable asset, each individual in our organization are given the opportunity to grow their maximum potential. We conduct our business with sincerity and high ethical values to produce best human capital.

Mohd Zawawi Zukfily
Mohd Zawawi ZukfilyGeneral Manager
With an extensive experience in managing businesses within the NadiCorp Holdings conglomerate, Zawawi brings foresight, professionalism and commitment to the operations, vowing to take the company to new heights.
Lt Cdr Hasri bin Mamat RMN (retired)
Lt Cdr Hasri bin Mamat RMN (retired)Manager
Decades of management experience from the armed forces and the corporate world, Hasri is the key to the corporate structure, management and operations of the company into the new era.
Encik Nasruddin Omar
Encik Nasruddin OmarAssistant Manager
With three decades of experience in the garments and textile manufacturing industry, Encik Nasruddin is the backbone of the company’s quality in production and services provision.


We believe in customer satisfaction through quality products and excellent customer service.


Our success is ultimately the result of tireless efforts put in by our employees, through strategic administration of the management.


Our 300 dedicated employees, state-of-the-art facilities and modern factories bring about a production capacity of 1,200,000 pieces of garments per year


With high-tech machines and quality management system in placed ensures every product that leaves the factory are of the highest quality.

Into The Future

We at Puspamara are hoping to contribute to the improvement and advancement of the textile industry through environmental, technological and humanitarian efforts.

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